The GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacking Mug is cheap, effective, and light. Coffee is brewed as directed with corresponding water amounts. We do not do sponsored or paid posts. Instant Coffee. Montbell Titanium Thermo Cup. The most popular option. Our criteria for the taste test were as follows: Each instant coffee has a distinct look in powdered form. The base is made of glass, now don’t let this put you off I know what you’re thinking isn’t glass a bad idea for camping. Then I brew in a French press, moka pot, AeroPress, or Chemex, depending on my mood and laziness. French press is the messiest and heaviest option though. For a barista-quality cup of joe while travelling, you need one of these small, compact gadgets Let's go over the main coffee options on the trail. Like most backpacking food, your coffee will be limited mainly by means of preparation. Aerobie AeroPress Camping Coffee Maker: This classic camping coffee machine is a top favourite with campers for its portability and fast coffee brewing time. So if you’re a black coffee drinker and want the best, look no further than Starbucks VIA. Nothing more. By Chris CageChris launched Greenbelly Meals in 2014 after thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for 6 months. Best French Press. Best Overall: GSI Outdoors Javapress. If you’re already convinced to buy the one, read on further to know about the top 10 best camping percolators in 2020. Same as the drip cone except without the trash. Pour the grounds directly into your cup or mug and just add hot water. In fact, it becomes an even more crucial jump start to the morning in order to hit the trail at a reasonable time. We recommend plastic material. Equal parts backpacking food and ultralight gear. The Best Camp Coffee Presses. Enjoying a good cup of coffee on an extended backpacking trip means you’ll have to deal with at least one, if not all of the following: extra weight, inconvenience, and garbage. It’s absolutely the tastiest, most portable, and easiest to clean coffee solution... for car camping, where weight doesn't matter. For the luxury camper, the Stansport camping coffee pot is ideal for gas top campervans and motorhomes or perfect for resting on hot coals. The ultimate backpacking coffee setup Disclaimer: We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. The best coffee makers for backpacking and lightweight camping Wacaco Nanopresso Serious coffee drinkers, who wouldn’t dream of skipping their usual post meal espresso, need the Wacaco Nanopresso in their lives, if they don’t already have it, that is. The choice of true coffee professionals, ... and you can just shove it in a backpack easily for hiking or any outdoor activity. The logic was if i could find it in a store, I could find it online for even cheaper, and it would probably be halfway decent tasting. LOOK: 5 Best Camping Coffee Maker 2020. There are many different brands available, but which one tastes the most like a fresh cup of coffee? Top Camp Teapots. The vacuum insulated stainless steel mug will keep your drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. I find that the french press makes the most quality cup of coffee. because you’re following Leave No Trace, right? In exchange for referring sales, we may receive a small commission through affiliate links. For a more hardcore option, get your fiber, too, and drink it right from the pot, grounds and all. Definitely a stronger brew. Don’t forget to pack out the paper filter. Add instant milk powder (to the black coffees) and do one more tasting and scoring for those who have their coffee with cream. So this brings us to the heart of the problem. You can drink the grounds or filter them out with your teeth. Which instant coffee is the best? A hot cup can also be a huge comfort and savory addition to your backpacking meal plan. The actual press has to fit the cup perfectly too. We recommend titanium metal. We even add coffee to our Dark Chocolate meal flavor. If you’re a coffee drinker like me, then your day doesn’t start until after a cup of coffee or four; and this doesn’t change when out backpacking either. If that price is a little hard to swallow, Mount Hagen is also really good and nearly half the cost (and organic if that’s important to you). What do you do when you are backpacking with coffee grounds and no filter? But, more importantly, the average 8 oz cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine which can give you an awesome energy boost on the trail. At Koobies, this is one the most favorite camping coffee makers. because there is a multitude of brands out there that can put anyone in a state of decision paralysis. This amount of ridiculousness doesn’t end at home either, when I’m car camping the go-to coffee solution is an AeroPress and a Hario hand grinder. To behold this alone is worth the pains of any excursion a thousand times over.-John Muir, Copyright © 2016 thruEAT All Rights Reserved. Quality can vary with price. How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! This is a really cool coffee maker for caffeine enthusiasts who are serious about their camp coffee. Cowboy it! Cowboy coffee is the lightest you can get for a backpacking brew using real beans, but you’ll have to haul around wet coffee grounds with you (because you’re following Leave No Trace, right?) Just heat up water, toss some coffee grounds into the pot, wait a bit, then transfer to a mug (maybe sans grounds), and partake. I went out (to a couple grocery stores) and picked up all the instant coffee I could find. The Yeti Rambler ticks all these boxes with aplomb to become our top pick for coffee enthusiasts. But being able to taste each coffee side by side we now know there’s nothing that can come close (except Mount Hagen). It's titanium, so … To find the best camping percolator, we have scoured the vast reaches of the Internet and the greatest percolator reviews to bring you all of the best information available. The only reasonable coffee solution for a backpacker is instant coffee. 9 best portable coffee makers for the perfect brew while camping. But, there’s been a lot of advancements in “coffee tech” over the past couple years and there are a bunch of new players on the instant coffee … Since then, Greenbelly has been written up by everyone from Backpacker Magazine to Fast Company. The methods of brewing coffee are diverse – you have classic espresso, cold brew, pour-over, and much more. The problem is that, despite being lightweight, instant coffee doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. This isn’t all too surprising since they’re the only instant coffee that includes a “microgrind” (a Starbucks patent-pending technology). So why are we talking about coffee? It’s more coffee equipment and paraphernalia than anyone possibly needs. The AeroPress coffee maker is loved by many around the world and some people claim it’s the best coffee they’ve ever hard. Pour after pour, the Brew Buddy provides a tasty cup of coffee without the fuss of paper filters. ie - you can’t pack out your beloved Keurig for an easy cup of joe. You might find it odd but it’s the best for making coffee that’s very much like fine espresso shots. Maybe it’s sleeping in a tent, eating dehydrated food, purifying water, or going without showers for a few weeks. The Hario Skerton is a backpacker’s best friend and it ticks all of the boxes for grinding coffee around a campfire. Make no mistake—there are fancier camping coffee makers on the market, but the Javapress from GSI Outdoors is our top pick due to its ability to make a reliable cup of coffee outdoors. Jiva Cubes are a natural alternative to the crystals. You will, however, have to clean out the filter instead of just throwing it away. This means you usually need to buy the cup and press together as a set. It’s because AeroPress is a combination of French Press and pour over. 5 Best Bet For A Camping Coffee Percolators Imagine sitting around in the great outdoors with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your camp. He wrote How to Hike the Appalachian Trail and currently works from his laptop all over the globe. OSP. If you like your coffee with some creamer, again Starbucks VIA is the winner, but if you’re on an extreme budget don’t overlook Nescafe; or Mount Hagen if you can step up your budget. In terms of equipment needed, cowboy coffee is the simplest way to make coffee while camping. It helps in preparing the smoothest, richest coffee with minimal clean-up. The coffee with the most points is deemed the best tasting. This comes at no extra cost to you. 41 Backpacking Food Ideas from the Appalachian Trail, Ultralight Backpacking Gear List | 8.5 lb Base Weight (Full Comfort), 14 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents in 2020, 14 Best Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bags for 2020. Related: 12 Best Instant Coffee Brands for Hiking. My girlfriend and I both do two tastings for a total of 4 tastings. Choosing the best coffee maker for backpacking is like finding a needle in a haystack. This post may contain affiliate links. ... Clif Shot Mocha is arguably the best tasting, most compact option. Keep in mind it has to be light and easy to prepare… and taste (relatively) good. Beyond the dose of caffeine, I enjoy the taste of coffee and the ritual behind it. The Contigo Ceramic Lined Stainless Mug* is the best camping mug for those with a discerning palate, as it offers both the strength and high-insulating properties of vacuum insulated stainless steel, but has a ceramic coating inside that prevents any potential impact to the coffee… I am admittedly a coffee snob enthusiast and make coffee at home with obsessively accurate water temperatures and employ the use of a scale and timer. Quick, light and tough as a Nalgene bottle, GSI’s Java Press is a French press made for any outdoor adventure, from car camping to thousand-foot-high portaledge hanging. But, these just-add-hot-water packs are the easiest and lightest way to get your coffee fix on the trail. Thankfully, with many good camping percolators, you won’t have to compromise on great coffee outdoors as well. Cowboy Coffee (aka ‘mud’). A camping coffee percolator doubles up the fun of camping by providing you a cup of hot coffee whenever and wherever you want. Instant Coffee. Each cup of coffee is scored from 1 to 8 points based on coffee flavor. 1. YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug There are three features that differentiate the best camping coffee mugs from the riffraff. “microgrind” (a Starbucks patent-pending technology). Combined they should weigh about 7 oz. While it’s not for us, those who like really sugary caffeinated drinks will probably satisfy their sweet tooth with the Starbucks latte. Basically, because we love it. “Whether you’re camping in the Great Outdoors or the Great Back Yard, you’re going to want a percolator when it’s time to make the coffee or tea. We make backpacking meals. No gimmicks like collapsible coffee cups, tumblers or discount specials from Amazon—just tried and true designs for all your camping needs. If it weren’t for the latter two, a caffeine pill would more than suffice. The Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug is full of great features that make using this travel mug a breeze. 7. Those coffee makers will make great drip coffee. Instant coffee will never be as good, but the trade off in taste for the convenience and incredible lightweight is more than well worth it. The following camp cups are what we deem to be the best camping mugs for backpacking and camping trips. The Best Camping Coffee Makers in 2019. Cowboy it! Add coffee grounds. Get epic tips, guides and how-to's in your inbox every two weeks. Although, since the grounds don’t dissolve into the water, clean up can be a little messy, making it less ideal for backpacking or anywhere that you’d need to pack out your waste. Pour the grounds directly into your cup or mug and just add hot water. The only way to find out is to do a taste test. The cone should weigh about 2.5 oz. However, even the car camping coffee solution is unreasonable for backpacking, and I’ve been known to backpack with a French press a time or two. Beans are purchased every other week in small batches from a local roaster and ground daily in a way-too-expensive burr grinder. We don’t agree with them on that but it’s an excellent choice if you close to barista-made coffee while camping. AeroPress. With a collapsible handle for easy storage, and a cozy cover to keep it insulated and warm, you’ll dually be keeping critters out (also thanks to the slip-sip lid). With some of these models, you entirely choose which model is right for yourself. Cowboy coffee is the lightest you can get for a backpacking brew using real beans, but you’ll have to haul around wet coffee grounds with you (because you’re following Leave No Trace, right?). The Best Camping Coffee Maker; 1Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Pour-Over Coffee Maker; 2Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator; 3Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press 16oz; 4Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker; 5Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Percolator; 6Primula Single Serve Camping Coffee Makers Let's revise best camping coffee … Buy from Amazon Buy from Buy from If you are a pour-over fan, the GSI Outdoors collapsible … For the rugged and ultra-light minimalists, this one takes no extra equipment. Truth be told, we’ve been backpacking with Starbucks VIA for a while now and it has always been our goto coffee solution. It obviously makes the coffee taste significantly better. Therefore, being a coffee fanatic, I thought why not help my fellow coffee lovers and backpackers find the best portable coffee … Definitely a stronger brew. Which is pretty much the antithesis of coffee snobbery, but we all need to make compromises somewhere! Best Backpacking Coffee Press Some of the very best backpacking coffee presses to take in to the outdoors. However, even the car camping coffee solution is unreasonable for backpacking, and I’ve been known to backpack with a French press a time or two. ; Wacaco NanoPresso Camping Coffee Maker: The NanoPresso is a great camping coffee machine and allows campers to brew cafe-quality espresso coffee anywhere. Makes a good tasting cup of coffee. GSI has been making excellent products for the outdoorsman for decades. Affiliate disclosure: We aim to provide honest information to our readers. Enjoying a good cup of coffee on an extended backpacking trip means you’ll have to deal with at least one, if not all of the following: extra weight, inconvenience, and garbage. Set this cone on top of your cup or mug. *Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change. You can drink the grounds or filter them out with your teeth. The camping coffee makers we mentioned at the start of the post are quite bulky, so while they are indeed portable, they’re more suited for camping. Wrapped around the five-cup carafe is a ballistic nylon sleeve, which keeps the coffee hot and the press impact-resistant. Instagram: @chrisrcage. In the camping world, ‘roughing it’ can mean all kinds of things to different people. Best French Press For Camping: There’s nothing more energy inducing and comforting than having a good cup of coffee when you are out in a survival situation or just camping.Without it, you may never leave your campsite and end up freezing to death. This tiny brewer is compact, durable, and weighs about as much as a stroopwafel. (Especially in our current age of coffee 3rd wave enlightenment.) I've been abusing one for several years, and it just keeps on working as the best coffee … If you are searching for an economical and lightweight camping coffee maker for backpacking and through-hiking, then look no further than the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy. Snobbery confirmed. Effort: Minimal Coffee Quality: Debatable – depending on the brand Equipment needed: Source of heat, vessel to heat water, cup, and coffee granules. Our test was by no means scientific, and moreover, taste is incredibly subjective but the results are pretty telling. What do you do when you are backpacking with coffee grounds and no filter? While we’re not huge fans of the company I think it’s fair to say that Starbucks VIA is hands down the best instant coffee. Pour on hot water and let it drip into the cup. Best Travel Coffee Mug Overall: Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug. Snow Peak Titanium Cafe Press - The Titanium Cafe Press from Snow Peak is the undeniable best option for a backpacking cofffee press. So with a little searching around, experimentation and of course the drinking of many cups of coffee in more than one exceptionally beautiful location, may I present to you the ultimate wilderness coffee kit. If you’re someone who either relies on a strong morning cup of joe or just really … Montbell. Add a regular disposable paper filter. Every tasting is blind, and randomized by the other person. This unit holds an impressive nine standard cups of coffee and Its robust stainless steel vessel, basket and perk-stem are free from aluminium and BPAs making for a healthier cup of java. They include excellent insulation, versatile usability, and extreme spill-resistance.