QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 3 sec) ProKarts are well-designed, screaming speed machines. Similar to the RSX, this go-kart is manufactured to NFS52-002, FFSA, CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure go-karting. The RKZ is equipped with an asynchronous brushless electric go-kart motor and a new generation lithium battery that has the ability to hold longer and more cycles. This means that professional maintenance and preparing of internal combustion engines is carried out, that one pilot has two engines – one as a basic racing engine and another as a training spare engine, which is generally accepted professional practice. Chassis: BSR/Gillard 1050mm (Homologated) Body: Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Full set. Seat: Glace fiber (L, XL, XXL) The evenly-distributed weight in electric go-karts also allows for more balanced handling, particularly around corners. You’ll also be able to benefit from the quick swap battery system, meaning that you won’t have to recharge batteries in-between races, but can just swap them out in less than 30 seconds. These aspects include the go-kart type, performance, features, size, customization, design and cost. One of the most popular rental go-karts on the market is the OTL Storm EFD. Also noteworthy are the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body and bumpers. It’s also good to check if any of these manufacturers require you to purchase a minimum quality of karts for customizations, especially for rental karts. Transmission: Chain 219 (42/70T) Rear axle: 50 mm Calculations are based on the BeNeLux karting team and cost calculation. QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 2 min) This model has gone through several iterations that feature refinements with every new release. Steering wheel: BSR/320mm GoKartGuide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Sporting OTLs standardized chassis, this electric go-kart is most suitable for adults that are taller than 58 inches. For the go-kart racers who prefer the authentic sound of a combustion engine, there’s also an F1 sound kit available. Top speed: Up to 120km/h In the event of danger on the track, the track marshal can also remotely stop the go-kart. Another amazing all-electric go-kart is the RiMO SiNUS iON. Chassis: BSR/Gillard 950mm (Homologated) It’s also possible to privately purchase a rental go-kart, although it’s quite uncommon. Brakes: Righetti hydraulic, 200mm disc (rear) Speed-lovers, be prepared for the newest attraction taking over locations across the country: European-style indoor go-karting at Autobahn Indoor Speedway. Rims: Alloy (standard) Battery: 52Ah / 48V Li-Ion (autonomy 20+ min) The entry-level Bambino Electroheads karts are powered by 3kW electric powertrains in fully race-specced ‘RS Electroheads by Birel Art’ kart chassis. The VMG Electric Kart is also equipped with other innovative features such as a rollbar, 3-point safety belt system, adjustable steering, differential, stainless steel braided brake line, electric seat adjustments and many more. Former NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch provides go karting tips for how to drive the high-performance electric go karts at Pole Position Raceway from his expert perspective. If the go-kart is too small or large for you, it can drastically affect your racing performance. Contact RPM Raceway Jersey City. Due to its high performance, the engine and its 350A controller are air cooled through multiple vents. Electric go-karts come in various shapes and sizes. Chassis costs have not been included in the calculations, as they will be the same in both cases, regardless of the engine type. The OTL Storm EFD go-karts are powered by an impressive 48V 4kW electric motor with magnetic induction. Charging the battery only takes 30+ minutes using a 1.5kW charger and the battery can easily be replaced during racing sessions. More About Our Racing Karts … The final go kart that we are going to review is the Razor Dune Buggy, which is designed for off-road fun. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'gokartguide_com-box-2','ezslot_5',143,'0','0']));Electric go-karts have become extremely popular over the years and it’s easy to see why. Want to drive a fast go kart? These types of go-karts are also known as rental go-karts and are meant for casual go-kart racing. The OTL EGK is also equipped with a lot of other performance and quality of life features that include a mechanical braking system, driver dashboard, reverse gear, protective polyethylene high-density (PEHD) bumper system that is shock absorbing, 30mm rear axle and a full body casing which covers the motor, battery and many others. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gokartguide_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',115,'0','0']));Of course, there are also some disadvantages, but it’s easy to see why electric go-karts are becoming increasingly popular. With a top speed of about 65 km/h (40 mph), the RiMO SiNUS iON is extremely fast around the race track and is one of the reasons why it’s an extremely popular rental kart. 196cc 6.5hp, Wet Clutch, lots of fun, easily up-gradable for racing. USARaceKarts is your premier Racing Go Kart Manufacturer. Brivibas street 113 The true power of this go-kart shows on the race track. Kart weight: 81 Kg (including battery), SPECIFICATION JD RACING INDOOR KARTING 44225 W. Twelve Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377 248.773.8777 info@jdracing.com. It’s powered by two 2.8kW permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors that achieve a maximum output of up to 23 kW. The beauty of this electric go kart is that you can build it from scratch. On the other hand, you’ll find electric go-karts that are meant for go-kart racing facilities. The Race Kart’s electric motor has been designed and manufactured specifically for high performance racing with speeds up to 70 mph (112 km/h). Get Off the Beaten Path With Electric Go-Karts Whether looking for a new hobby, for racing, or off-roading, an electric go-kart can provide hours of fun for your entire family. Top speed: Up to 110km/h It’s best to check this directly with the electric go-kart manufacturer. The OTL EGK go-kart is powered by an 8V 4kW AC electric motor and is less powerful than the more performance-oriented OTL Storm EFD. As a 100% purpose built frame developed for the Electric … Power: Up to 7kW from the battery. There are also several customization options that you can opt for which include a speed boost system for overtaking, seat upholstery, active battery cooling, adjustable steering column, braking lights, roll bar, seat belt and much more. Low noise level Experience fast go-karting in an indoor, safe environment. It’s also important to mention that this buying guide aims to provide you with useful information that also applies to any other electric go-kart that is not featured in this review. Acceleration: From 0-100 km/h ~7.5 seconds Instant Electric Power from start till the finish. Your email address will not be published. Featuring a powerful 48 volt 1000 watt motor, roll cage safety bars, positraction, hydraulic brakes, adjustable seat and seat belt. Power: Up to 20kW from the battery. And these babies can go … It’s extremely important to ensure that a go-kart suits your size. Seat: Glace fiber (L, XL, XXL) … It becomes apparent that these electric go-karts are manufactured in Germany, due to the high build quality and standard of manufacturing.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gokartguide_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',108,'0','0'])); Other innovative features of the RiMO SiNUS iON include brake energy recovery, a freely programmable on-board controller, an electronic differential which is possible through its dual motors, all-weather proof design and a high degree of efficiency. Acceleration: From 0-100 km/h ~5.0 seconds Ferkart is a relatively new company that was established in 2019, in Connecticut, United States. Kart weight: 85 Kg (including battery), Electric racing kart for kids or beginners, SPECIFICATION Power: Up to 25kW from the battery. closed course competition. If you plan to race an electric go-kart privately, you have more flexible options. An adult drifting kart that's unlike any other. No more engine tuning, just charge and race. These racing go-karts are designed for maximum track performance and are most commonly used for private purposes. That’s a fantastic charge-to-use ratio. Seat: Glace fiber (L, XL, XXL) Steering wheel: BSR/320mm. From Business: RPM Raceway is America's ultimate all-electric indoor go-kart and entertainment destination providing an authentic, exhilarating and safe racing experience… 9. Find our phone number, address, or send us a message. Adult Kart Racers must be 14 years or older and 55” tall to race a kart at High Voltage Karting. This is a must if you plan to drive one of our blazing fast karts. These are very impressive performance numbers for rental go-karts. If training is performed more frequently than assumed in these data, the benefits are even greater and can save up to 30% and more within two years compared to the internal combustion karts. … © 2020 Blue Shock Race Electric karts. This means that you won’t encounter any idle time during races. They are also extremely silent and have zero emissions, therefore being more environmentally friendly than its gas-powered counterparts. Overall, the ECOVOLT NG+ is a great option for karting track operators who are looking for electric performance go-karts with plenty of customization options. The evenly-distributed weight in electric go-karts also allows for more balanced handling, particularly around corners. It’s one of the most commonly used go-karts used at indoor karting facilities due to its versatility, build quality, performance and price point. THE FUTURE OF KARTING AND EDUCATION COMBINED. The BSR Racing Kart Pro is the best electric racing go-kart for adults due to its speed, build quality and affordability. Due to its powerful engine, the BSR Electric Leisure Kart is able to achieve a top speed of 95 km/h (59 mph). However, racing this go-kart still ensures an amazing karting experience. Transmission: Chain 219 (40/70T) A great feature of this go-kart is that it also comes with adjustable seats and an adjustable steering column. Acceleration: From 0-60 km/h ~4.0 seconds Chassis: BSR/Gillard 1050mm (Homologated) Seat: Glace fiber (L, XL, XXL) Transmission: Chain 428 (14/24T) All information is strictly held in confidentiality. The great news is that most of the electric go-karts on the market have adjustable seats and steering columns. It also has a 48V controller that has air cooling vents and a 48V battery with either a 35Ah or 42Ah capacity. Chassis: BSR/Gillard 1050mm (Homologated) They have a charging time of about an hour and also last for about 1 hour on the race track. Brakes: Righetti hydraulic, 200mm disc (rear) My goal with this site is to share valuable go-kart racing information through guides, articles, reviews, track details and more. QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 2 min) Even though it’s marketed to a slightly younger audience, the LRX is a full-sized go-kart, which measures 1,850 mm (72.83”) and width of 1,270 mm (50”), equalling the length of the RSX, at the same time being about 3 inches narrower. Those are supercar numbers! Electric GoKart’s are super fun vehicles that come in a variety of sizes and power levels to best fit your personal and family needs. Body: Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Full set If you’re shorter than 5 feet 6 inches you may want to consider an electric youth kart and if you’re taller than 6 feet 2 inches then you may want to test these go-karts for height compatibility before making your purchase. ADULT KART, VR1 Kart from Voodoo Kart, comes track ready-to-run. Axe Throwing also available. In the case of electric karts, it is assumed that a second pack of batteries has also been purchased, which allows much more intensive training. Experience the adrenaline rush of our electric go kart races with instant acceleration as you put the pedal to the metal around hairpin … Many go-kart racers prefer electric go-karts over traditional gas-powered go-karts as they have a faster acceleration. It’s also equipped with a lithium battery that gives it a long run time and high number of charge cycles. * Data may vary in different countries and at different intensities. This isn’t your grandma’s go-kart. Other features include a push to start button, LED headlights, adjustable paddles and steering, speed boost and much more. Body: Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Full set This go-kart comes with either a 35Ah or a 42Ah which can last 10 – 15 and 15 – 20 minutes respectively. Rear axle: 50 mm Body: Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Full set However, there are also some manufacturers who allow single unit customizations. Top speed of up to 135 km/h. Just add gas and oil. We’ll be taking a look at the best electric go-karts for adults and will also explore what to look out for when deciding to purchase one. Rental go-karts on the other hand are generally geared towards facility usage and have more quality of life features. In fact, it may reach even faster speeds if tuned, as the speed is limited by the manufacturer. Top speed: Up to 100km/h ThunderVolt Electric Go Karts Are the Most Efficient, Cost-Effective and Versatile Electric Go-Karts Available and Provide the Best Racing Experience for Your Customers! Indoor electric go-karting at Accelerate Indoor Speedway is perfect for thrill-seekers, corporate events and parties! It’s powered by a 25kW brushless electric go-kart motor that produces an astonishing amount of raw power. Electric go karts for racing and leisure, BSR franchises, Electric go kart championship, Blue Shock Race electric karts, Electric karting battery You should ask yourself if you’re looking for an electric go-kart that is geared towards competitive racing or towards casual racing. 0 - 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. OTL go-karts are manufactured in Italy to the highest standards and are exported all over the planet. FITRIGHT 2020 Baja-X 48 Volt 1000 Watt Brushless Electric Go Kart, 3 Speeds Setting Up to 20 mph with Forward and Reverse. SPECIFICATION Racing Go … Change Your Speed at our Grand Prix style tracks with our electric Italian pro style go-karts … If you’re looking to purchase an electric go-kart this buying guide will be able to help you with your purchase decision. Top speed: Up to 90km/h In fact, even the pedals are adjustable making the entire kart extremely ergonomic for any type of kart racer. What is also apparent are it’s symmetrical design and beautifully crafted exterior. Kart weight: 76 Kg (including battery), Calculations are made based on date in Europe, First year investment including spare battery or engine with maintenance costs, Second year, including first investment and maintenance costs in two years. … This go-kart is a blend of the LR5 and RSX and is an ergonomic go-kart that is geared more towards leisure racing, as opposed to performance racing. In fact, the RSX is an extremely popular performance rental kart for go-kart racing facilities in the United States. QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 2 min) Power: Up to 15kW from the battery. This powerful electric motor features 60 Volt DC, Output 2000 Watts, Rated Speed 4500RPM, Rated Current 35Amp, Chain drive (11 teeth sprocket) pitch is the ideal Electric Motor for large scooters, bikes and trikes, Mini Bikes quad and Go … With it’s innovative electric motor and lightweight chassis, the RKZ can reach top speeds of up to 60 mph (96 km/h) and Ferkart claims that this is the fastest adult electric go-kart that is produced for the rental industry. JOIN OVER 150 TRACKS … Accelerate Indoor Speedway participates in the American … If you’re looking to buy an electric go-kart, this review and buying guide is perfect for you. Check … To give you some examples, these features include LED head and tail lights, custom decals, adjustable seats, remote control systems and many more. The average price for an electric go-kart is about $12,000. In light of that the OTL EGK is more suitable for multi-activity centers, theme parks and family entertainment venues. Head to our indoor electric go kart racing facility, where adults, kids, and families can experience the heart-stopping delights of an amusement park - without ever worrying about the weather. Overall, this go-kart is great for thrill seekers and indoor performance racers that are looking for a great build quality coupled with many added features. There are two types of electric go-karts and each of them has a different application. If you’re new to karting, one of the first things you’ll … Charger: AC/DC 2,0kW (110-240V) Also Don’t forget the closed toed shoes. While some are more futuristic, others go with a more traditional style that is similar to their gas-powered counterparts. This is because electric motors give near-instant torque that allows it to reach the top speeds much  faster. 36-volt battery and chain-driven … You’ll see many of these models at karting locations and some of the most famous ones are the OTL Storm EFD or the Sodi LRX. What’s great about this go-kart is that it’s relatively affordable as compared to the other go-karts, even though it’s equipped with great features. The RSX features a futuristic design that is symmetrical and modern. Performance go-karts are usually equipped with a fast battery recharge system, air-cooling, and other innovative features that enable high performance output. BSR 2.0 electric karts have a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, which means that if something happens to the electric power system, including the motor or battery, during this period, BSR replaces or repairs it in accordance with the warranty provisions. Here is a list of some of the additional features that you should take into consideration. the latest in electric go kart racing, for fast acceleration and excitement! If you own a go-kart racing facility, it’s best to get a rental kart, as they are specifically designed for it and have many features for track owners. Brakes: Righetti hydraulic, 160mm disc (rear) Although it’s equipped with the same engine as the RSX, the LRX lacks some of the performance features and is therefore not as well-equipped as the RSX. Electric go-karts also come with different set features, depending on the go-kart type. The Sodi LRX comes with three different battery options, a lead acid battery or a lithium battery in either a 26Ah or 32.5Ah configuration. The Top Kart EV Electric chassis is the premier kart racing chassis package for the Purdue MSTEM3 project for both High School and Collegiate levels. As the design of an electric go-kart is always a personal decision, it’s best that you ask yourself which design matches your style the most. Electric racing kart for professionals. It’s important to note that most go-kart racers consider the design of a go-kart as a secondary selection criteria and place more emphasis on its performance. If you’re a person who has an average height of between 5 feet 6 inches (about 168 cm) and 6 feet 2 inches (about 189 cm), you won’t need to worry about size compatibility. Charging the batteries only takes about 30 mins. Just like a life-size Lego, this 10-in-1 racing kit contains modular parts to assemble into a battery-operated go kart, trike, scooter and … Get free updates on the latest articles, guides, tracks and reviews. Rims: Alloy (standard) It features impact protection through high-density polyethylene (HDPE) modules, hydraulic brakes, LED head and tail lights, 4-point seat belt system, adjustable seat and pedals, speed boost function, rollbar and even a headrest for extra protection. There are also pedal shifters and F1 engine sounds available for a realistic racing experience. Your email address will not be published. Acceleration: From 0-100 km/h ~4.0 seconds Although this go-kart is less powerful than the BSR Electric Racing Kart, it’s still equipped with an impressive 15kW permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The table shows the benefits of purchasing electric karts against operating costs during the first year and during the second year, based on the assumptions below the table. Our high-performance European indoor go karts are capable of speeds approaching 45 mph, and that seems extremely fast when you are sitting just inches off of the ground trying to navigate a road … Body: Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 Full set Our massive state-of-the-art electric indoor go-kart racing facilities are fully air conditioned for perfect racing conditions every day. There are two different variants available, one coming with standard absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries or an upgraded version that comes with a more efficient lithium battery. We’ll be taking a closer look at what aspects you should look out for when buying an electric go-kart. SPECIFICATION. With an overall length of 1,850 mm (72.83”) and width of 1,350 mm (53.15”), it has a very aggressive stance that is built for racing. With a top speed of about 130 – 135 km/h (80 – 84 mph) and a max rpm of 6,000, it’s one of the fastest production electric go-karts on the market. BIZ Karts is a go-karting manufacturer that’s based in London, United Kingdom and has been manufacturing racing go-karts since the 1990s. Battery: 28Ah / 96V Li-Ion (autonomy 18+ min) With regards to its performance, this go-kart is equipped with a 10.5kW interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor, giving it 45 Nm of torque. The 35Ah provides a runtime of about 25 – 30 minutes until it’s depleted, whereas the larger 42Ah battery lasts about 30 – 35 minutes. These safety features are innovative and ensure that all racers are protected at all times. Brakes: Righetti hydraulic, 200mm disc (rear) Race with your friends, bring your co … BSR Racing Kart Pro. Rims: Alloy (standard) The first thing that you’ll need to consider is the type of go-kart that you’re going after. Seat: Glace fiber (L, XL, XXL) An electric go-kart is a type of go-kart powered by electric motors and batteries, as opposed to traditional petrol engine.Electric go-karts are mostly intended for recreational usage, though high … It features an asynchronous brushless motor giving it incredible speed and torque. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb6O4UQzY60&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=ArtisDaugins. We are the first karting raceway in Ohio to feature top-of-the-line Italian electric go-karts. You should think about what type of go-kart suits you the most, which is often influenced by the go-kart type or its application. Battery: 56Ah / 96V Li-Ion (autonomy 18+ min) ECOVOLT NG+ is their latest release and this go-kart features an array of improvements and technical innovations compared to its predecessor. Certain manufacturers give you several customization options when you purchase an electric go-kart. Steering wheel: BSR/320mm The torque delivery is instant and the Racing Kart Pro achieves an acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) in just 3.3 seconds. Book your next event on our website. RPM Raceway is the ultimate all-electric indoor go-kart and entertainment destination, providing an authentic, exhilarating and memorable racing experience. One of the major design differences is some are designed for off-road use like the Go-Bowen Baja 1000W 48V Electric Kids Go-Kart. It’s equipped with adjustable pedals, steering wheel and seats, catering for a wide variety of driver heights. The average electric go-kart for adults is about 70 inches (1,778 mm) in length and about 55 inches (1,397 mm) in width. Overall, the BSR Racing Kart Pro is a very powerful electric go-kart that is well equipped for professional go-kart racing. The go-kart also complies with 2006/42/C standards and follows NFS52-002, FFSA, as well as CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure go-karting. If you’re a go-kart racer that’s looking to race in competitions, then you may want to look at racing go-karts such as the BSR Racing Kart Pro. Steering wheel: BSR/320mm Off Road Go Kart is the ultimate kid ride! Battery: 35Ah / 48V Li-Ion (autonomy 18+ min) With an age span of 6-8 years old, the … Offering highly-advanced and environmentally-friendly electric go karts as well as large indoor entertainment venues that feature authentic racing memorabilia, Paddock Lounge, meeting rooms and … These customizations range from decals, to adjustable parts and battery or motor upgrades. Great acceleration These karts are also equipped with an innovative battery, which is made of lithium-iron-manganese-4-phosphate, also known as LiFeMnPO4. The OTL Storm Series ProKart is designed and manufactured in Italy and is one of the finest go-karts on the market. … Charger: AC/DC 2,0kW (110-240V) Rear axle: 30 mm The 15kW electric motor is able to pull off an impressive acceleration from 0 – 60 km/h in just about 3.5 seconds. This go kart is rugged and built to … It also comes with a 400A speed controller that is programmable and can be torque adjusted. After two years, if the customer decides to replace the battery with a new one, then, having returned the old battery, the customer can receive a 25% discount on the new battery, thus also reducing costs for future years. Stay updated by subscribing for free below. All Rights Reserved. Charger: AC/DC 1,2kW (110-240V) We offer head-to-head racing as well as 14-Hole Mini-Golf in our 77,000 sq ft. facility in downtown Nashville. While you can get an entry-level electric go-kart with standard specifications starting at about $8,000, more professional electric racing go-karts start from about $12,000. Although the design can be argued to be more on the simplistic side, it’s great performance does not come into question. The Sodi RSX is one of the two available electric go-karts that Sodikart manufactures. However, even that is completely up to you and there are many types of electric go-kart for you to choose from. Each go-kart will have a different motor, battery and controller setup. All of their go-karts are produced in France and are exported worldwide. As its name suggests, the BSR Electric Leisure Kart is an electric powered go-kart that is geared towards private leisure racing or for karting facilities. 2020 © GoKartGuide - All Rights Reserved. Kart weight: 110 Kg (including battery), EXTRA FEATURES It’s quite common for visual customizations such as decals to only be available when you purchase go-karts in bulk for a race track. This means that you can adjust your steering wheel and seat according to your height. Go Kart Racing Tip #3: Brake in a Straight Line. OPENING A NEW TRACK? Electric karts do not require cyclic repairing and servicing of engines, they just need to be cleaned and charged after the race. It’s easy to see that this kart is perfect for professional go-kart racing, as it’s extremely powerful. With varying sizes, shapes, … This version also comes with a carbon F1 steering wheel, as well as adjustable seat and steering adjustments, which aren’t that common in rental go-karts. As you can see, even though it’s designed for leisure go-karting, it still has some high performance equipment. This go-kart is equipped with a 48V highly-efficient electric brushless AC motor and VMG claims that it has an equivalent performance of a 20 hp gas-powered go-kart. There are plenty of customization options available at an additional cost. The performance of an electric go-kart is another aspect that you should take into consideration before buying one. No gears, no clutch, no fuel, Electric racing kart for Adults or Juniors, SPECIFICATION Overall, the LRX can be considered the younger brother of the higher specced RSX and is a great ergonomic electric go-kart for young adults and youths. The Sodi LRX is the second electric go-kart that’s available from Sodikart in France. Although their go-karts are manufactured in China, they are designed and developed in America. X-PRO 110cc ATV Engine Motor Semi Auto w/Reverse Electric Start fit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATVs and Go Karts Quads 4 wheeler go kart Sandrail Roketa Taotao Jonway November 27, 2020 Electric Go Karts Go … VENUE HOURS Monday - CLOSED Tuesday - Thursday: 4:00PM - 8:00PM It’s also equipped with a 48V 350A controller, which is connected to a 51.2V 2kWh lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP). Liepaja, Latvia, LV-3401. The RiMO SiNUS iON is a great electric go-kart with superb build quality and fantastic track handling. Pocono Go Karts & … In fact, it… With regards to build quality, the chassis is made of a robotic-welded tubular 32mm frame, which incorporates a shock absorbing structure.