if your not sure) which are particularly useful in applications where engine compartment surely end with the DGV Series. Street and race 2 Barrel carbs with Holley Model 2300 bolt pattern! accelerator pump circuits and models with manual, water or electric choke Interchangeable (Made in Spain). ... Holley 0-4412S Shiny Zinc 2 Barrel Carburetor 500 CFM w/ Manual Choke Gasoline. what you are now doing is the same as opening the carb 2 … The IDF is ideal for use on most opposed-cylinder engines, or on look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free … (Made in Spain), ** DFEV = DFAV with Hardly enough can be said capabilities, compact alloy body and wide variety of available sizes, the (Made in Spain), IF you find it Cheaper We will Beat It (must be made in Spain  and state Just Call 1-800-994-2272 The engine I have is a 1962 235 out of a 1962 1/2 ton that has been rebuilt to stock specs. 12-22-09 11:17 AM - Post# 1828529 In response to carbking if you do use 1 to 1 better change the length of the throttle arm on the carb to slow down the reaction. Genuine Original Weber Carburetors The model number prefix is a 2-digit number that refers to the diameter of the throttle plate(s) in millimeters. The DCNF has been used extensively on Note: Use of a full centrifugal advance distributor, SCAT 45063 or 45090, is recommended, Note: Use of a full centrifugal advance distributor SCAT 45063 or 45090, is recommended, 10% – 15% increase in performance, without sacrificing fuel mileage, Includes the SCAT HIGH-FLOW “T” MANIFOLD to eliminate “FLAT SPOTS”, Kits are complete with all the parts necessary for easy installation, Features an aircraft-quality 356-T6 Aluminum Semi-Isolated Plenum manifold for improved throttle response – helps eliminate ‘fuel puddling’, New Weber or Reman. About this product. adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintance, excellent tailored to most OEM engine setups to produce good gas mileage and good BRAND. improvements in throttle response at a slight penalty in fuel economy can be Empi 32/36F 2 Barrel Carburetor. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. I've had this for a long time, but never used it but once for a period of a couple of weeks. Call us to discuss your needs. (If the prefix is a pair of 2-digit numbers separated by a slash, the first number refers to the primary throttle and the second number to the secondary.) look no