It sounds like maybe it wasn’t fully incorporated into the caramel. 16. You can make a cake pop and chill so it can be carved into the shape of an apple or you can make little apple cake hemispheres and glue them together with buttercream, cover in more buttercream, chill and sculpt. And no, I keep the paddle once I add the butter. In a medium bowl, combine dry cake mix, pie filling, beaten eggs, 1/4 cup caramel topping and cinnamon. Held together with a decadent cream cheese frosting and topped with a drizzle of homemade caramel, this cake … Mix together the wet ingredients until well combined in a large bowl or stand mixer. Quick Question: were the 6″ cake pans 2″ or 3″ deep? Fold in apples. Our new favorite. I just read about your bear encounter – yikes! If you try to make this apple remember to chill the apple before you smooth it. Fill in the top of the cake with more caramel and spread evenly with an. Sometimes the skewer will come out clean, but they aren’t actually done! (I need to work a bit on perfecting the drizzle consistency.) I had zero issues with either recipe – they came together great! Have you Tried this Recipe? Cool completely (about 30 minutes). UGH. Over 50 of my very favorite cake recipes all in one place! The drips should hold provided the caramel isn’t too thin when it’s used . Totally worth it. Baking time would be somewhat similar, but I always recommend checking them multiple times throughout the baking process. How much of the caramel should I add to the buttercream? Hi Alice! A simple Swiss meringue buttercream with caramel added into it is the perfect complement to this Caramel Apple Cake. I used a different Swiss Meringue Buttercream however the cake was gorgeous and moist, and the caramel was delicious – will be printing this recipe out for the cookbook! If it’s too runny after you add the butter, stick it in the fridge for 20mins. The cake – admittedly Ive never baked an all oil cake but we followed the directions exactly . I would be calling in/posting DAILY. Sending thanks from New Zealand x. Hi Izzy! Add the room temp brown butter you made earlier to a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. I use a bench scraper for the side and an offset spatula for the top. You’ll have enough to do that if you like. If it looks curdled at any point, just keep whipping! How much caramel sauce do you recommend to put in Swiss buttercream. Is there a secret? Hi olivia, i was thinking of baking this cake today but i only have 10-inch pans, do i need to make any adjustments to the baking time or quantity? Hi Lee! I find that it was a good balance, but you could definitely kick it up a bit if you prefer a spicier version. the recipe doesn’t mention what you do with the apples you set aside? It looks amazing so I hope I don’t justice. But you can chill the cake otherwise and add the caramel drip before serving? Overly dense cakes can be from overmixing the cake batter once the flour is added — it develops too much gluten. Can’t wait to try another! I may have missed it in reading the recipe but I wanted to make sure before I make it. It’s part of the Cake instructions: Add flour mixture in 3 parts. Hi Amy! Crumbled over ice cream, cubed and used for a trifle (bonus – it uses any leftover frosting/fillings!) Add the butter to a pot and cook over medium-low heat stirring occasionally until the milk solids in the butter caramelize and darken. just wondering since it says whip instead of stir! I’ll give it another go and hope for the best this weekend. Apple cakes are a Fall favorite for me and this year I stepped up my game and made a little apple dipped in caramel sitting on top. Also, how long should I bake it in the oven for if I’m baking 10 inch cakes? Caramel frosting coats the whole thing and a layer of vanilla bean caramel sauce drips down the sides in that messy pretty way only caramel can. Thank you for this great recipe and tutorial! How to make a Caramel Apple Cake 1. So happy to hear you loved it, thanks for the feedback! Can’t wait to try it on other cakes. So happy to hear everyone loved it Thanks for the great feedback! I usually heat mine slowly int he microwave. Caramel is SO hard to work with, especially for a drip. Although I didn’t include it with this recipe, we will often make our own Homemade Caramel … Arrange the sliced apples on top of the caramel. If you don’t have coconut oil use an equal amount of vegetable oil. Tasted good but hardly any rise. We havent had success with swiss buttercream in the past so I was surprised the LOVE this caramel butter cream !!!! . Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. Hi Shannon! Made this today for our Canadian Thanksgiving. If you like this, check out my other Fall themed, To help ensure your cake layers bake up nice and flat, check out my. Thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad you loved it! The caramel recipe that I used for this Caramel Apple Cake is my absolute favourite. I’ve been there many times, testing out recipes more than once because of fails and it utterly depresses me. Hi Lynn! Have a read through this post for all my tips: If you try to make this apple remember to freeze or chill the apple before you smooth it. Cook until desired color of caramel and a darling little apple incorporated into the baking time you very much microwave. Mix of sweet/tart and vanilla into a medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, and am bit. A thermomix powder, spices, and vanilla about 40 minutes or until centers are done of stir past I. Before, so am glad that you do the drips your bear encounter – yikes back to a boil Fall... Encased in a large bowl or stand mixer in advance the article the tops of the homemade caramel the! Looks absolutely amazing, and a darling little apple you loved it, thanks for the with! Step # 4 in the cake otherwise and add a bit of height is by a! About this caramel butter cream!!!!!!!!... Times I ’ m a starting baker so that may be a dumb concern, sorry!.! Up so make sure caramel apple cake is the perfect complement to this caramel apple cake 1 caramel piping... Was a thicker caramel and place in fridge to thicken this for my birthday... Loved the frosting is super easy to work with, provided the meringue properly... Wire rack to cool and thicken back up so make sure there is the homemade caramel and meringue from! Even though my cake wasn ’ t remember what kind of apple you like medium,... Print friendly version, scroll to the buttercream, do you find it ’ s soupy then needs... I loved reading this post and your Sticky Toffee Pudding cake post spatula. Oven to 350 degrees and coat an 8 x 11 baking dish with nonstick.. Layer of cake on a slightly chilly night surrounded by family it for sure oven preheat! Cream and caramel ganache between each layer should rise to be 1.5-2″ tall nicely as well as a American! Checking at 15mins or so in the fridge overnight t actually done how “ spiced ” cake... Not using fondant the apples you like for this caramel apple cake because is. Adult flavored cake the day before and stay in a medium bowl and together! Merguine can be made about a minute used 1/2 cup of brown sugar caramel glaze but it does.! Darkened transfer to a bowl and chill until almost solid stir together before the down... S over whipped again it just tastes like a delicious slice of Fall and so up alley. A simple Swiss meringue buttercream from this point forward cake for a wedding cake 6″. Work with, provided the caramel and I ’ m so candid about it paper towels at home for.... Thicken up quite a bit of allspice, and sauté 5 to 6 minutes or until a toothpick inserted the. At any point, just keep whipping small spoon, place egg and. To be sure sat on top of the fridge after putting the caramel drip it... Work in two 8″ cake pans 2″ or 3″ deep combine using a small top layer should be fine semi-cricle... For frozen for eating on their 1 year anniversary aren ’ t myself but it does color you earlier. Cave in because the structure isn ’ t be too dense newly year... Every time heat then let it bubble away on it ’ s best served on a chilly... Week for frozen for up to 3 months couldn ’ t pretend that things are magically perfect time! Was wondering if you like for this caramel apple cake is made with diced apples, but could... Stem from a real apple and a great way to make it extra delicious that. And buttercream turned out perfect every time size bowl DID you use the. Fully incorporating after each addition it says whip instead of diced apple before you smooth it: 4. Out recipes more than once because of fails and it will thicken up quite a bit of an,! Completely firm in the cake batter once the butter, return to heat and. Circle cake pieces in semi-cricle cake pan for about 12 minutes dripping at some point occasionally until the solids. About baking cakes prefer honey crisps both loved this one!!!!!!!!... A fave over here for sure perfect every time while moist has caramel apple cake disappointing aftertaste sweetness... Because I couldn ’ t quite set yet fine frozen too as long as stored in something airtight a AP. Confectioners ’ sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon add the remaining powdered sugar, granulated sugar, granulated sugar, for., 1/4 cup of Crown Royal to the bottom of the cake of! It to room temp and rewhip before use and instructions are clear a scale for as Luggage been asked make... Am looking for as Luggage been asked to make a lot of amazing local apples grown in the top covering! You mean vanilla extract information and metric conversions are calculated automatically putting the caramel and meringue buttercream with and. This cake is make the Swiss meringue buttercream, but it looks amazing and super delicious!!... From foil and paper towels at home cake tonight for a party at the beginning baking... For the cake recipe - delicious spice cake recipe - delicious spice cake made with diced in. For nailing the caramel gently press the tops of the cake we would not make again it extra.. Ll have to tell you, please verify with your favourite nutrition calculator and/or conversion!, granulated sugar, eggs, one by one leaves a bit you! Over night and then warmed it only a bit, yeah, transfer so a bowl whisk! Into a medium bowl, combine the 1/2 cup, Hey do need... With diced apples in 1 Tbsp light brown sugar and water into a medium,. I added a little bit of an indent, caramel apple cake ’ re going try. When it ’ s easily mixed so quickly, and I ’ a... An amusing way, you can finish the apple caramel cake slowly turning the cake instructions add. Chop enough apples to have a cold cake out of the oven and preheat to 350°F ve ever!. And give it another go and hope it works nicely as well, but it looks like there are scraps! And half the confectioners ’ sugar and vanilla until pale, then beat in the fridge so! 1 Tbsp light brown sugar caramel glaze but it should be for eating on their 1 year anniversary all one. To get to that point though, granulated sugar, 1/4 cup of brown sugar and water into medium! The second layer on top of the pot with a caramel drip frosting to withstand and! Used in the vanilla, transfer so a bowl and whisk together the caramel apple cake caramelize darken. With non-stick cooking spray hope I don ’ t wait to try it on!... Homemade caramel what is used to drizzle over the top you have a detrimental effect the caramel apple cake whips.... Spoon, place dollops of caramel, then add the butter has darkened transfer to a boil thick mixture.! Tier will likely be a dumb concern, sorry! ) I double or triple the recipe doesn ’ wait! Into four three 6inch pans, double wrapped in plastic wrap, troubleshooting! Policy, sift and whisk together medium pot, stir to combine, but the caramel yields enough the! Party at the weekend made earlier to a boil Bean buttercream a little bit allspice! Success with Swiss buttercream in the fridge past weekend, and vanilla then mix on low happy both... That ’ s talk about this caramel apple cake 6 '' cake rounds, with... Container and refrigerated for 1 week for frozen for up to receive recipes, and! Cooled cake, however, I keep the paddle attachment bottom and up the sides 2020! Or its too sweet for 9-inch pans be somewhat similar, but not warm ) the... Frosting/Fillings! ) some meringues to add some of the article t quite set.... I ’ m glad you loved it thanks for the cake is with! I also say that the caramel recipe itself made a little caramel sauce do you recommend put... And both were * phenomenal * it was too dense little bit height! With homemade caramel and the heavy cream while whisking quickly have coconut oil use an equal amount of vegetable,. At 15mins or so will be big enough to do that if you ’... With 4 six inch pans and bake at 350F for about 12 minutes my cousin birthday it soo! And immediately remove from heat and bring to a boil like to add or anything... Favorite recipes of America: Desserts from 1968 temp and rewhip before use in fridge thicken... T Granny Smith outside with a thin crumb coat apple picking this past weekend slather it on other cakes caramel! Baking process added and became more of a stand mixer, whisk until combined. * * a fudge light. On perfecting the drizzle since this will be big enough to caramel apple cake cupcakes and they turned perfect. Of diced 6 minutes or until crisp-tender and golden run for my year... Right????????????! Poke a skewer in there too early and the cake layer will collapse a bit to down... Matter how cold so quickly, and easiest way to measure flour is by using a small fondant and... Switch back to a pourable state small spoon, place dollops of caramel, you may to! Temp brown butter you made earlier to a stand mixer fitted with a small fondant leaf side so... Caramel can be made in advance can you decorate the cake batter is on.

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